Kilalanin Ang Magandang Anak Ni Jestoni Alarcon , Trending Ngayon Sa Internet

 One of the most premiered actors of his generation, Jestoni Alarcon has an impressive background in his showbiz career especially on his roles on films such as “Eddie Tagalog: Pulis Makati”, “Jerry Marasigan”, “Alyas Totoy Kamay na Bakal”, and “Dodong Scarface”.

He also appeared on many TV shows on the most notable networks with remarkable roles he portrayed in.

And because of this, many talked about the actor’s daughter who recently entered the showbiz industry this year. Angela Alarcon has captured the media’s attention due to her good looks and charisma inherited from her father’s good-guy look.

Angela Alarcon is the second among three children of Jestoni Alarcon and Liezel Alarcon. Because of her father’s handsome physique and facial features, and her mother’s equally great looks, in no doubt that she is also destined to follow the footsteps of her father in the film and TV industry.

Jestoni’s established career and acting prowess also motivated her to do the same thing as her father and became an actress as well.

Angela recently signed a contract and was recognized as one of the rising talents and fresh faces on the GMA network.Because of her  beautiful face, a promising future in the showbiz industry awaits Angela Alarcon.

She also revealed why she didn’t join showbiz at an earlier phase, simply because she promised her father that she will finish her studies first and graduate from her schooling before entering the industry.

Because of this, Angela finished her degree in Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication from the University of the Philippines as Cum Laude.

She’s also active in sports and is a black-belter in Taekwondo. Many regarded her as not only a pretty face, but also equally talented and skilled.

The first acting career she got was the role of Gabbi Garcia’s best friend in “Beautiful Justice”, and since then she gained media and public attention for her natural talent in acting.

An upcoming television series is set for Angela Alarcon entitled “Babawiin Ko Ang Lahat” in GMA-7. She also vlogs on YouTube where her fans could interact with her and know her better behind the spotlight. One of her hobbies as well is to do videos in TikTok where she does fun and quirky contents that her fans really love.

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