Liza Soberano's Jejemon Days Trending , Maganda Pa Rin Ayon Sa Mga Netizens

 Guess we can all agree that everyone of us went through that phase of being pure cringe and ridiculous fashion sense during our teenage years, and with no doubt, celebrities also went through these phase and many are just too ashamed to put out their throwback photos. But unfortunately for some, technology has been so advanced that some of their old photos resurface and go viral online that surely makes anyone who would see it cringe.

Liza Soberano also went through this ugly phase of her life during her teenage and high school years. Her photos went viral previously, and when she was invited to be the guest of a segment of Magandagn Buhay, hosts pulled up her old photos on the screen and Liza almost melted of shame upon seeing her “jeje” moments.

Although Liza was a little shy to have her photos publicized, she admitted that she was proud of those moments when she was younger and before all the fame and popularity she receives now.

Liza also recalled memorable moments when those photos were taken before all the media attention. Just like a regular high school student, Liza never went out of style during the 2010 wave of bangs as a popular choice of hairstyle. Of course, Liza also went on the trend and she doesn’t really deny that particular phase of her life.

One photo also showed an old photo of her with her friends and Liza posing the popular peace sign pose. They were also able to unearth a photo of the actress during their welding class wherein Liza shared that they were working on a project where the professor will have to drop the project and see if it will not break. Liza successfully accomplished the project and received a high mark because her work did not break when her teacher intentionally dropped it.


She also recalled an experience during her school days where the teacher assigned her to be the representative of the class for Ms. Intramurals. At first, she was very hesitant as she was known to be very shy to face the crowd before. But after intense persuasion, she agreed and little did she know she will be the one to be pronounced as the winner of the competition.

Despite the teenage evolution, Liza’s beauty undeniably shines through even during her early years out from showbiz industry. She has outstanding charisma which made her loved by her fans and followers all around the world then and now.

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