Mariel Padilla Pinuri ng mga Netizens Sa Kanyang Pagpayat

 Upon seeing the celebrity and veteran host Mariel Padilla, people immediately call her names such as “mataba” or fat, just because she has gained so much in the past when she gave birth to her two daughters. Because of this, Mariel decided to surprise her fans with a sudden loss in her weight and many were impressed by this sudden change on her body.

Mariel decided to focus on being a full-time wife and mom when she successfully gave birth to her two beautiful daughters with husband Robin Padilla.

Because of this, Mariel apparently lost focus on taking care of herself, thus the drastic weight gain she earned. And with this, many bashed her and body-shamed her due to her obvious weight gain.

But the actress clarified that she opted to breastfeed her two children as it was a healthier option than infant milk formula, so she had to eat many healthy foods in order to produce quality milk for her babies. She also has to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to fulfill the job of being a full-time mother and wife.

But recently, the actress-host was spotted with husband, Robin Padilla, sharing a beautiful and fancy date night on Valentine’s Day. Many netizens pointed out that Mariel has now a slimmer figure and even her face that was previously chubby became slimmer and more contoured. The celebrity couple shared a romantic dinner night to celebrate V-Day together, wherein Mariel donned a perfect and sophisticated long black dress that really showed off that she was able to shred those extra pounds.

To add to that, the celebrity also mentioned on her Instagram post that she had already lost 30 pounds which she proudly shared to all her followers on social media and finally was able to shrug those hate comments that do nothing but body-shame her.

Many of her fans and followers are also tuning in to more of her weight-loss stories on her social media accounts and it looks like the actress is now ready to flaunt her perfect summer body anytime soon.

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