Miss Q and A Contestant ng It's Showtime , Naaksidente at Naputulan ng Paa

 Almost three years have gone by when a beauty queen gets caught up on incident, former Ms. Q&A contestant from the noontime show It’s Showtime shares her story once again behind the incident happened years ago that changed her life entirely.

Jayson Jiz De Ortega or more popularly known as Jennifer Collins, recalled the memory of tragedy that happened years ago after she got caught up on a road incident. Apparently, the beauty queen went viral before on social media after the tricycle she was riding into while commuting gets hit by a raging jeepney.

Because of the tremendous damage , Jennifer was rushed to the emergency room at the Philippine General Hospital. Her life was endangered during that time due to the damages that befall on her due to the accident. It then resulted later on to having her right leg removed from her body due to serious damages.

According to some of her friends, they feared it might take the life of Jennifer, but somehow they were thankful that she only lost a leg and not her life.

It wasn’t easy also for the part of Jennifer when she was hospitalized because she was the breadwinner of the family. Her siblings depend on her and losing a leg means losing the opportunities that could have awaited for her in the future.

Her friends called for help and staged a campaign that would help collect funds for the hospitalization and financial assistance needed by Jennifer and her family.

“We would like to seek help for one of our TRANS KONTESERAS - Jayson Jiz De Ortega aka  Jeniffer Collins. Siya po ay kamakailan ay naaksidente (August31,2017 around 7:30pm)…”

Accoding to some reports, the driver who hit the tricycle was apparently under the influence of illegal substance and was therefore held accountable for the damages he had caused for both Jennifer and the tricycle driver.

Immediately, help came rushing down on Jennifer and her family soon as her fans and supporters knew about the incident. Thankfully, Jennifer has recovered properly and is now doing rounds again in social media and side-projects she participates on.

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