Top 14 Most Trending Pamparampampam - Pajama Party Dance Cover Celebrity Edition

Netizens took on the ultimate ‘ Pamparampampam Pajama Party’ TikTok challenge on social media, and celebrities can’t simply miss participating on this viral online challenge which really diverted audience attention towards them.

That’s why we have compiled the Top 14 most trending TikTok celebrity edition of the viral ‘Pajama Party’ songs whose videos gathered the most likes, views, and shares all over social media.

Top 14. Arabella Del Rosario.Rising Star Magic talent Arabella Del Rosario joined in with the challenge with boyfriend Jimuel Pacquiao. Her sweet face indeed caught the attention and the heart of the eldest son of the Pambansang Kamao Manny Pacquiao.

Top 13. Yuki Takahashi.Internet star Yuki Takahashi also took on the challenge on social media. Simply a good dancer and a pro in making videos in TikTok, Yuki was also known as the crush of the ultimate lover boy Xian Gaza. Apparently, because of her videos, Xian also gifted her a car for her birthday.

Top 12. Jelai Piñones .PBB housemate Jelai is always game for a challenge be it inside or outside the Big Brother house.

Top 11. Heaven Peralejo .Former lover and ex-girlfriend of Jimuel Pacquiao, Heaven Peralejo’s TikTok video lands on the 11th place from Arabella Del Rosario. Heaven has a huge fanbase and simply because of her angelic face and slim figure she usually flaunts on social media.

Top 10. Yumi Garcia. A member of the Ppop Generation, Yumi Garcia’s extreme hotness and cuteness really captured her follower’s attention as she jives on the viral song.

Top 9. Jelai Andres .Jelai’s very controversial internet career as a YouTuber catapulted her to mainstream media after her issue with Toni Fowler. But with no doubt, Jelai can also dance to the rhythm equal to the hotness she emits on her social media accounts.

Top 8. Vanessa Alvarez. A renowned TikTok star, Vanessa cannot simply miss joining the hype on the “Pajama Party” challenge.

Top 7. Zeinab Harake. Zeinab took the challenge also showing her baby bump on the video. Even though pregnant, Zeb really glows through and her hotness still unwavering.

Top 6. Mary Lite Tamayo. Lite’s YouTube career has been shrouded in controversy as well after the rated SPG content she made on a video collaboration along with his boyfriend. But nevertheless, the internet star had apologized publicly and her TikTok videos are still followed by her loyal fans.
Top 5. Mona Alawi
Unlike her sister Ivana Alawi, Mona has an established fan base on her TikTok account for viral videos and pranks she would make on her account. Because of this, Mona also did not miss dancing on the party.

Top 4. Yaena Fujimoto. Yaena is a famous Japanese singer on the internet known for making covers of Filipino songs translated into their language.

Top 3. Ivana Alawi.Ivana’s charisma extends to TikTok and according to her, Mona just convinced her to do the challenge and so she did.

Top 2. Dasuri Choi. Former member of the dance group G-Force, this Korean cutie is known so well for her dancing skills as if a K-Pop star.

Top 1. Andrea Brillantes. Andrea, or for others, Blythe, topped the charts on the most viral TikTok video for the Pajama Party challenge. Andrea has grown so much from her Annaliza days and no doubt her skills in dancing has really developed as well.

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