10 Pinaka Mayamang Youtuber / Vlogger sa Pilipinas at Magkano Ang Kinikita Nila

 Making videos in YouTube has changed the lives of many vloggers in the Philippines. Ordinary citizens who thrived in the world of YouTube content creation is now earning millions through their videos and with their total revenue in the platform, they were able to build their own houses and purchase properties on their name.

In fact, even actors and actresses on TV even decided to enter YouTube ever since the pandemic. In most cases, an estimated amount of 50,000 pesos are earned through YouTube for every 1 million views you reach. So in no doubt, many decided to hop on and become full-time vloggers.

Here we have a list of the Top 10 Most Famous and Richest Pinoy YouTubers in the platform:

Top 10. JaMill – JaMill is channel composed of Jayzam and Camille who are real-life lovers. On an interview with Toni Gonzaga, the couple revealed that they met on a social media platform (Facebook) and then started dating. After a couple of years, they decided to live together and do vlogs on their channel mainly about pranks to each other and their lifestyle update back in 2016. As of now, their channel has over 11.3 million subscribers and produced over 561 videos.

Top 9. Choox TV – Streamer Ed Cardumali, or more commonly known as Choox TV, became famous for his hilarious commentary on his gaming platform, Mobile Legends. Because of gaming and YouTube, he was able to acquire 4.8 million subscribers and 628 million views on his channel.

Top 8. Ranz Kyle – First introduced into the acting industry as a member of the boy band “Chicser”, Ranz Kyle also appeared on many sitcoms and dramas on TV before deciding to vlog in 2008. Often making dance covers with his younger sisters, Niana and Natalia, Ranz earned his diamond play button in 2020. His total reach is 13.1 million subscribers and an impressive 1.2 billion views on his channel.
 12.2 million subscribers and a total of 907 million views. 

Top 6. Zeinab Harake – The half-Lebanese, half-Filipina celebrity first appeared as a contestant in Wowowin, Zeinab now has an impressive career in the YouTube industry earning a total of 7.8 million subscribers with a total of 450 million views on her channel.

Top 5. Alex Gonzaga – This Pinay actress is one of the few celebrities in the showbiz industry to enter the world of vlogging through YouTube. She has collaborated with many different celebrities and other content creators. Because of her hilarious content, her channel has reached over 8.9 million subscribers and topping that with a total of 717 million views on her videos.

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