Bea Alonzo Nag Reak Sa Usaping Gerald at Julia

 The news are out recently after Gerald Anderson speaks out with his current relationship status with rumored girlfriend Julia Barretto. The two has been all over the news lately, and controversy never left their names.

After apparently coming out on Tonight With Boy Abunda, the former PBB Teen Housemate answers questions in the interview with celebrity talk-show host, Boy Abunda, which has been dodged for years by both Gerald and Julia. But coming out as an affirmation, Gerald openly speaks out that he Is “very happy” and it is the actress, Julia Barretto, who has been making him happy lately.

The controversy began in 2019, when the celebrities teamed up on a film set on Japan entitled “Between Maybes”. Both Julia and Gerald are with their respective partners that time, being Julia with Joshua Garcia and Gerald with Bea Alonzo.

But upon the announcement of their breakup, Julia Barretto has dodged questions regarding her status with Gerald. Bea Alonzo also came out saying that she has been “ghosted” by Gerald without properly calling off their relationship amidst rumors of Gerald and Julia seeing and dating each other already.

Flash-forward 2 years after the controversy, the topic resurfaced after the trending of Moira Dela Torre’s hit song Paubaya which features the Joshua-Julia team-up on the music video. Many fans believed it was a closure for the two, and anytime soon, the Gerald-Julia relationship will now come out for confirmation.

However, news came straight from the horse’s mouth and truth be told, Gerald and Julia already confirmed their long-hinted history of dating. Although the two never mentioned that there are issues of infidelity and cheating involved, as they always say that they “ended” their relationships properly.

Although Bea Alonzo says otherwise and has her side of the story to tell.

The actress decided to post on her Instagram account a cryptic message captioned on her photo that says:

“So here’s to TIME! Time that is best spent with the family, Time that heals all wounds, and TIME AS THE ULTIMATE TRUTH TELLER!”

Bea purposively put the last sentence in all-caps as a way of throwing shade to her former boyfriend Gerald Anderson and her claims of being ghosted by him.

However, Gerald spoke out with the ghosting issue and said that he never ghosted Bea, but instead, he just decided to walk away from a very toxic relationship in the middle of having dinner together.

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