Gerald Anderson Inamin Ang Totoong Relasyon Niya Kay Julia Barretto

 The cat is finally out of its bag after many rumors of dating each other, Gerald finally comes out with a big revelation in regards with the controversy that circled around him and Julia Barretto.

After being romantically linked with fellow actress Julia Barretto back in 2019, Gerald admits that his heart is finally happy which he states on an interview with Boy Abunda which was aired in Friday, March 5.

Talkshow host Boy Abunda squeezes out Gerald for information regarding the rumors and asked if Julia is the reason behind his smile.

And the actor replied, “Yes, Tito Boy. It’s a yes.” With a big smile on his face, confirming the romantic involvement with the actress and confirming the long-time rumors that circled around their names.Gerald also added, “I’m very happy.”

Many can recall that the controversy began when the two were cast in the movie Between Maybes where Gerald and Julia played the leading roles. Likewise on her interviews, Julia also admitted that her relationship status right now is that she is very happy as well, which led fans to speculate that the rumored couple is providing confirmations amidst all the allegations.

Controversy never left their minds at peace however, back in 2019. Gerald Anderson is apparently dating actress Bea Alonzo, and has been open about their relationship since then. However, the two broke up with Bea coming out to the public saying that there has never been a closure on her relationship with Gerald. According to her, the actor “ghosted” her and then rumors about him and Julia has begun making rounds in the news and social media.

Julia as well was in a relationship back then, with actor Joshua Garcia. Their relationship, too, spelled a bitter end which left fans heartbroken as well.

Gerald also shares the experience they had for years of dodging all the questions about them and mentioned it was never easy and never smooth-sailing for them. He also addressed the issue of him “ghosting” Bea Alonzo, who he regarded as being “in a very toxic relationship”. But he also stated that he does not want to paint Bea in a bad light just to clear his name.

Many netizens reacted and saw this coming right after Julia and Joshua was featured on the Paubaya music video by Moira Dela Torre. Fans speculated that the music video was a closure and that anytime soon, Gerald and Julia will come out and confirm their relationship to the public.

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