Netizens Kinagiliwan Ang Batang Ito " I am Filipina I Am Not Italiana "

Philippines offers one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world many tourists all around the globe fall in love with the majestic views it has in store. Not only that, many tourists and foreigners would come and visit the country not only for its destinations but also for the culture of hospitality among Filipinos as well as the delectable delicacies that is truly one of a kind.

Because of this, many foreigners choose to fall in love to Filipinas as well, not only because of their beauty but also for the culture they can offer at home. The loving and caring Filipinas surely brings fire and warmth in any family all over the world. Being known for smiling and laughing despite terrible situations they are in, Filipinos are also known for their positivity and optimistic outlook in life. So what is there not to love about the Philippines?

Some foreigners also choose to stay and live in the Philippines and embrace the culture therein.

Many races across the globe have Filipino wives, and surely, they bring beautiful children in this world.

One Pinay YouTuber shares a glimpse of her family in social media. Aivelyn, a Filipina based in Italy, married to an Italian husband and has two wonderful children with him.

On their channel, Italian Pinoy Family, Aivelyn shares a day-to-day experiences of her family while in Italy. One of their videos went viral when her daughter, Ashyana cries when being called an Italian-Filipina.

Ashyana claims that she is only Filipina, and not half-Italian because she only wanted to become Filipina. The cute 5-year-old expresses her desire to go back and visit her mother’s hometown in the Philippines soon. The young girl obviously fell in love with the culture her mother has and wants to know how she loves the Philippines so much.

The young girl would also sing songs and nursery rhymes her mother taught her and that is very popular among Filipino children.

Many netizens reacted to her vlogs and shared their comments about Ashyana and the wonderful family she has in Italy. Truly, both countries have a share of good culture, and one can be truly best to meet both worlds.

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