Pakiramdam ko Para Akong Basura - Bea Alonzo Talks About Relationship With Gerald

 News resurfaced online when Gerald Anderson publicly opens up and admits his relationship with actress Julia Barretto. Their name has been a great media gossip sensation recently, and everyone knows why.

Apparently, after a shady breakup with their former partners, Julia to Joshua Garcia and Gerald Anderson to Bea, Julia and Gerald hasn’t since talked nor broke their silence amidst the rumors of them dating each other while having their strings attached to their current partners back in 2019.

Bea Alonzo steps in recently once again and talks about her experiences being Gerald Anderson’s girlfriend. And brace yourselves, it wasn’t much of a nice love story.

Back in 2020, Bea Alonzo states on an interview where she got emotional talking about the ruined relationship of her and Gerald. The actress also mentioned her being a victim of “ghosting” from the actor as they didn’t have a formal breakup nor a closure to end their ties. Subsequently in an interview this year with Boy Abunda, Gerald denied allegations and accusations of “ghosting” Bea Alonzo.

However, Bea remains firm to her claims that she was ghosted by the actor.

“Before it happened to me, I didn’t even know that, may ganun pala. Na may ganung terminology for it. Ghosting. I didn’t know.”

She also mentioned that her relationship with Gerald was one of her most heartbreaking to all of her experiences in love. Bea openly states that she didn’t know what she did wrong to be left off by the actor just like that. The actress also said she felt she was a trash, a garbage, that someone just wanted to get rid off.

“Without any reason why. I don’t even know what I did. I felt like it was unfair because kung may mali ako, sana naitama ko. Yung parang feeling ko it’s just having no respect for the relationship, for the three-year relationship.” Bea stated on the interview. source: PUSH
Bea emphasized on the feeling of being a garbage and worthless for the actor. She felt the most pain knowing that she trusted Gerald so much, and that she treated the actor as one of her best friends.

Gerald countered the argument on his recent interview to respond to Bea’s social media take on their relationship. He called out the actress for having to take the “social media path” just to gain sympathy from everyone and paint him on a bad light for the media now that he has come out to introduce his current relationship with Julia Barretto.
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