Sharon Cuneta Humiling ng Panalangin Para Kay Fanny Serrano

 The “Megastar” Sharon Cuneta shares her utmost sentiments and becomes emotional upon knowing The condition of her friend Fanny Serrano.

Famous hairstylist, makeup artist, and Pinoy fashion icon Fanny Serrano was reportedly on life support. Many of his showbiz friends including the megastar, have aired out their deepest sincerity towards this battle of his.

Shawie mentioned on one of her interviews that she wishes to see her close friend one more time and be able to embrace him before it’s too late for Fanny. According to the megastar, Fanny has been one of the few people in the industry whom she treated as if a family. For Shawie, Fanny has been a mother to her when she was just starting with her career, and has been there when she got her break and got her name on the A-list of showbiz.

“Puede mo ba ako hintayin na mayakap at mahalikan at ipaalala sayo gaano kita kamahal? Para na kitang Nanay...I love you so much”

Sharon Cuneta also brought up one of her recent grievances when one of her closest friends as well passed away; the renowned fashion designer Rocky Gathercole.

Shawie has an impressive journey on her path to stardom. Starting her career on acting roles, and recording her music making her known for her beautiful voice. She also hosted a few shows on TV, and later on married Kiko Pangilinan.

Sharon has been one of the actresses who opened up their grievance over Fanny Serrano’s condition and everyone is praying that he may defy the odds and survive during these times of trial. Although everyone is expecting the inevitable, Sharon is one of his friends that wishes to see him before he passes on to the next life. The megastar has been on her rock bottom. Losing another would be a really sad time for her.

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