Anak ni Anne Curtiz at Erwan Nagpakitang Gilas sa Pagsayaw. Ang Cute


Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff’s daughter baby Dahlia Amelie never ceases to amaze her online fans and followers now that she’s growing up. The celebrity daughter’s cuteness overload simply brings joy and happiness to everyone who watches her videos uploaded on her parents’ social media accounts.

Recently, celebrity mom Anne proudly shares a video of baby Dahlia dancing on the beat as Erwan himself taps the drum with his hands. Baby Dahlia immediately stands up and begins swaying her hips sideways and dances on the rhythm of his dad’s drumming. Truly, baby Dahlia’s cuteness took over her parents’ Instagram accounts.

According to Erwan, it seems that their 1-year-old kid took some fondness on dancing that she learned it before she even knew how to walk!

Despite just standing up while dancing, it seems that Erwan’s child has some future in dancing just like her mother, Anne Curtis. Seems like talent and performance really runs in the blood?

The video of Dahlia’s dance performance was re-uploaded on Facebook fan page dedicated for her and it easily garnered many reactions, comments, and even shares all over the platform. The said video now has a total of 20,000 likes and we never doubt why!

Many netizens also praised baby Dahlia for her adorable dance performance and her overflowing cuteness. To some, baby Dahlia inherited her Mommy Anne’s confidence in performance onstage and truly, her daughter apparently has it as well!

They also left wonderful comments on the post such as:

“Ommmmgggg dancing dahlia is sooo adorable keep dancing our sweet dahlia”

“So cute dahlia she will be the best dancer than her mom”

“Wow Dahlia you danced now very good bebe ko so talented like mommy”

Also recently, baby Dahlia went viral as well after Anne shared the expensive jewelry box that was gifted to her by the luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

Meanwhile, it has been months since Anne and Erwan flew back to the Philippines with their daughter after being locked down on Australia due to the pandemic. Apparently, the celebrity family lived in Australia for more than year. However, Dahlia’s first birthday was celebrated here in the Philippines last March 2.

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