Bimby Aquino " I'm Straight as an Arrow " Full Interview Video


The  of superstar talk-show host and movie icon Kris Aquino with PBA basketball player James Yap, Bimby Aquino goes all-out with his answers when interview by his own mother. In the interview, Bimby boldly answers the questions about his  gender, his hopes and aspirations in life, as well as his ideal relationship.

Now, many actually believe that Bimby is gay or at least, a part of the LGBTQ+ community in the Philippines because of his mannerisms in most of his videos, his queer expressions, and the way he talks and converse with others is somewhat very gay. But the truth is, Bimby reveals straightforwardly that he is not gay. He even said that he is “straight as an arrow”, and prefers to date girls over boys. He also added that being a member of the LGBT community is not a disadvantage, but more that he supports the community and is very anti-homophobia as his mother Kris Aquino.

Bimby also told everyone in his interview that there is nothing wrong with being gay at all. Even though many would not believe his claims, he insisted that he is straight and he would not bend. Kris asked if there is a possibility that he will date men in the future, and Bimby said there is absolutely none. To add to that, he mentioned that there was never a point in his life that he ever questioned his sexuality and he knew from the start that he is straight.

Kris then asked what is his ideal woman, or what does he look for an ideal partner in the future. Bimby answered that he prefers women with glasses and joked so that they can be the “eight-eyed” duo. He also said that he wanted for a woman to have a nice hair, cute face, and someone who is very well-read. Kris supported Bimb’s “well-read” idea of a woman so that they can have “something to talk about” because she said that if the girl doesn’t read, then they couldn’t have intellectual conversations to share with.

Kris also talked about with Bimb his plans for his future career given only four options: to be a doctor, a lawyer, a politician, a businessman. He honestly answered that he wanted to be a doctor-businessman. He plans on establishing a healthcare facility and being a doctor that does not charge his patients with overpriced medical needs. Kris was certainly delighted that her youngest son ought to be a doctor, and even said that it was her “life-long dream” to have a  a doctor in the family. She even suggested for Bimby to become an oncologist or one that specializes on the treatment of cancer.

Bimb agrees with his mother, but also said that he prefers to become a pediatrician someday and treat children with illnesses as he said that he loved children for the innocence that they possess.

Bimby also clarified that he would encourage Kris to finally go on with her plans of adopting a baby girl to be one of their siblings.

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