Birthday Message ni Liza Soberano kay Enrique Gil Trending sa Socmed

 Filipina actress leaves a sweet and romantic greeting for her long-time showbiz boyfriend, fellow actor Enrique Gil, for his birthday this year. Liza also expressed her love to Enrique and looks forward to the future spent with him someday.

Liza posted yesterday on her Instagram, and wrote on the caption, “Happy birthday to the loml (love of my life)” in time for Enrique’s birthday on March 30. A photo of the actor also made it on her Instagram feed, taken on Lake Tahoe in California during sunset last year.

“I can’t wait to make so many more great memories with you. To more adventures and growing old together” she also added. Liza also shared a romantic video compilation of their travels and adventures

together while in California in October 2020. The actress also shared her disappointment for not being able to travel and have adventures this year due to the pandemic.

“I feel so bad ’cause you’re all cooped up at home when you should be exploring the world, but you never complain and that’s what I love about you!” she stated, and also wrote, “ I can’t wait to travel the world again with you my travel buddy!!”

Enrique Gil will be celebrating his birthday during the quarantine the second year around. Previously, the actor would go and travel to many destinations around the world with his girlfriend, Liza Soberano. But due to the health restrictions brought upon by Covid-19, the couple was prevented from travelling abroad or gathering together with their family.

Before the pandemic, the actor celebrated his birthday with Liza on a surprise beach party organized by the actress in 2018. Liza and Quen celebrated with their family and their closest friends in the industry in Batangas.

In 2019, the couple spent Quen’s birthday on a trip to Bali, Indonesia along with Liza’s family members.

Liz-Quen has been an inspiration for a strong relationship and is indeed one of the most famous couples and looked-upon by many for their travel goals together.

Liza looks forward into the future and sees herself spending her life with the love of her life.

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