Buknoy DInamay Pati Si Vice Ganda at Ion Perez

 Buknoy Glamur, a YouTube vlogger and viral social media star has been made infamous again for opening a new controversy which involves Awra Briguela, Vice Ganda and her boyfriend Ion. Yet another insulting impersonation and gossip spurting from Buknoy, many netizens act negatively and cancelling the social media star in both Facebook and Twitter.

Trending right now was a now-deleted live video in Tiktok by Buknoy’s friend, Gabo Adeva, wherein the two were gossiping about the showbiz celebrities including Vice Ganda and Ion. And not just that, Buknoy really wanted to add more insult to injury towards Awra by impersonating her and spitting out more gossip and issue regarding the celebrity’s disappearance in the industry.

According to Buknoy (impersonating now as Awra in the live video), Gabo Adeva asked him why her star faded in the career, and Buknoy (as Awra) said because Vice Ganda “dropped” her from the list of her “baby stars” and focused more on her other talents, Carlo and others.

Apart from that, she also said that Vice dropped Awra because she focused more on his new lover and boyfriend Ion. Buknoy (as Awra) said, “Oo, akala mo naman mamahalin sya ni Ion.” Even mentioning that Ion only caught up with Vice for the money and fame she can offer which offended many netizens and fans of the unkabogable star.

Buknoy (as Awra) also elaborated as to why Meme Vice dropped her from the list of her talents, which he responded, “Malamang ako gusto ni Ion, hindi sya.” Hinting that Ion apparently likes Awra more than Vice. Also, Buknoy mentioned tsome hot tea that Awra and Ion had some steamy session on the set of ABS-CBN on the dressing room without Meme Vice knowing.

She also added that they had many more of these “sessions” than just the one in the dressing room.

The live video was apparently ended because they have learned that someone was screen recording their video and had to end and delete from existence. However, copies of the video were uploaded all around social media and fans are infuriated by Buknoy’s clout-chasing bad attitude especially towards these celebrities.

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