Camille Trinidad Nagsalita Na Tungkol Sa Pambabae di Umano ni Jayzam

 A series of receipts surfaced on the internet about some hot issue regarding the famous YouTube loveteam and couple, JaMill. According to some reports, Jayzam was involved on a cheating issue about another woman.

There was a netizen in Facebook that spilled the hot tea in social media about Jayzam and her. The story goes that Jayzam and the girl that was involved in the issue was together in their house having a drinking session with friends. The girl was invited to drink and have a shot with other, which of course the girl indulged to.

Of course, there has been pictures that resurfaced online with Jayzam and the girl. On the heat of the moment, the girl was invited by Jayzam to share a kiss with him and in private. The girl of course hesitated and brought up the thought of Camille, Jayzam’s girlfriend. The girl refused to kiss Jayzam, but he continued and persisted on chatting with her.

The girl who spilled the issue of cheating confessed herself to Camille. She narrated the whole ordeal, and Camille’s replies surprised netizens who was following the story.

Camille apparently blamed the woman and even called her names such as a “slut” when she could have avoided Jayzam’s lascivious intentions instead, but she indulged in them. Camille is now facing issues and controversy apart from Jayzam’s cheating allegations.

Although they have not released official statements or responses to the issue. Many have thought their relationship was smooth-sailing based on their vlogs and videos on their channel. Apart from that, they have properties and business that they have joint partnerships so having this issue as a major strain in their relationship.

Many are waiting for the official statement to be released by JaMill to prove whether the screenshots and comments thread is true. Although so far, many are cancelling the couple for their current controversy, which goes to show that not everything you see in social media is true and authentic. Even though fame and popularity and wealth is in their hands, it cannot be avoided for some certain issues to encounter especially for them in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile , Camile Trinidad air her side and made a facebook post and reacted on the issue.

Jayzam Manabat admitted that all Camille Trinidad's post are all true.

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