Donnalyn Bartolome Pranks Albert Nicolas

 Being a woman is probably the hardest task in the planet. Women endure many things in life and a lot is expected from you; grace under pressure, giving birth and bringing life into this world, and not to mention the painful time of the month where your “red days” pay you a visit. Surely, many women would agree how difficult it is to deal with every month, and how awkward it can be in public when it leaks on those nice pair of bottoms.

Donnalyn Bartolome, a Pinay YouTube vlogger, social media star, and influencer, wanted to normalize this to her viewers especially the younger ones and her male viewers whom she wanted to educate about this topic. Many consider period blood or leaks as disgusting, gross, or unhygienic, but come to think of it, it’s part of life! Men and women alike must be educated about this matter and normalize how to deal with these kinds of situation.

The Pinay vlogger uploaded on her channel a prank video towards her friend and fellow influencer, Asian Cutie. His TikTok videos were an instant hit especially for the hilarious humor he offers to his viewers. And on this vlog, Donna decided to prank him on one of her vlogs.

Donna would pretend that she had period leak and wanted to see how her guy friends would react to this incident. How would they tell Donna? Would they let her know?

Apparently, Asian Cutie dealt with the situation and handled it pretty nicely.

Upon seeing the red stain on her white shorts, he immediately called out his friend behind the camera and told him to inform Donna about her “period leak”. Donna, pretending to be shocked and placed on an awkward situation, posed as offended towards them.

Her personal assistant, an accomplice to the prank, took Donna and escorted her back with a towel wrapped around her waist.

Donna then revealed that it was just all a prank. And along with Asian Cutie, he said that he didn’t know how to tell her that she has the leak, and informed their viewers that having this is completely normal and natural.

So for their viewers, let us normalize dealing with period leaks on public and how to talk to the person nicely to inform them about the matter.

Having period is completely normal! It should not be taboo nor frowned upon or be disgusted to. The woman’s body is truly amazing and we should normalize these and empower women even more. Let us all make the world a safe place to be a woman.

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