Happy Birthday, Sharlene San Pedro Turns 22

 We all loved and adored her as a  star, starting with her roles in many television dramas and sitcoms, Sharlene San Pedro now officially turns 22! Feel old yet? Let’s take a look at Sharlene’s journey from a bulilit star to a rising  actress.

Sharlene Santos San Pedro was born on April 5, 1999 in Pulilan, Batangas. At the age of 4, she participated on a talent search in ABS-CBN called Star Circle Quest: way back in 2004.

She joined many acting workshops , and one of her most remarkable TV appearances was in the gag show Goin’ Bulilit in 2005. She also starred in a variety TV show, Jolli-Town, along with her co- stars Nash Aguas and others.

The highlights on her career that made her famous as a  star was the jingle song “Makulay Ang Buhay” which is a popular vegetable song often sung in Nutrition Month school activities.

The actress became one of the main staples on the TV show Goin’ Bulilit and became one of the main-stay stars until she and her batch graduated on 2011. Promising stars that belonged to the show often ‘graduate’ as they grow up, as the show is for promising actors and actress such as them.

Sharlene’s career as a star also blossomed while growing up. She portrayed the role of the  “Faith/Tala” in the fantasy sitcom, “Krystala”, along with premiered actress Judy Ann Santos.

She also appeared on the teen TV show, Luv U, where she was teamed up with Nash Aguas. Sharlene was also casted on the horror movie, “Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang” where she played the role of Nene. Acting awards also showered Sharlene as a actress, and she also pursued her career in singing.

Now that she’s 22, Sharlene also entered the world of YouTube by vlogging her daily life with her family, especially now that she will be celebrating her 22nd quarantine birthday due to the ongoing Enhanced Community Quarantine in Manila.

Despite that, Sharlene is very thankful of her fans for showering her with love and support over the years that she first started in showbiz until now.

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