Heaven Peralejo Nag Positibo sa Covid 19

Filipina actress Heaven Peralejo shocks her fans and followers in social media after news came out that she was recently rushed to the hospital. The Kapamilya actress also had a shocking revelation on her Instagram account which she shares to all her followers.

Apparently, according to Heaven’s post on her IG, she was tested positive for COVID-19 and has to be taken to the hospital to tend immediately to her medical needs.

On a video footage she shared on her IG, Heaven was seen being taken to the hospital in an ambulance and with an oxygen apparatus attached to her.

On the captions, the actress wrote, “Yep, I tested positive for COVID-19. Vlog will be up tonight at 8pm on my YouTube channel wherein I will be sharing my journey. From how it all started, the symptoms and anxiety I experienced, how I was treated and how I coped with the whole situation. Hope that this brings awareness to everyone. Stay safe and stay healthy, guys!”

The whole COVID-19 journey of the actress is available to be watched on her YouTube channel. Heaven also narrated that she acquired the virus while taping a new project for ABS-CBN’s streaming platform, iWantTV.

On a mandatory swab test performed on the actors, actresses, staff and crew, the results indicated that Heaven was positive with the virus. That’s why the actress was immediately taken to a hotel to isolate her from the rest of the production staff.

Afterwards, she was allowed to go home for quarantine and to fully recover. The doctors also mentioned that Heaven’s recovery is on the way, although there was a series of moments where the actress would find it difficult to breathe that’s why she was rushed to the hospital.

It was also revealed that Heaven has a pre-existing heart conditions, that’s why she continued her recovery in the hospital so the medical personnel can attend to her needs right away and properly.

As of now, Heaven’s condition has subsided and the actress is now on the process of strengthening herself and her immune system with ample rests at home.

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