Hipon Girl Pinaiyak Ni Alex Gonzales sa Kanyang Latest Vlog

Alex Gonzaga is a well-known prankster on YouTube for pulling many pranks and tricks on her friends and other celebrities in the showbiz industry. And this time, Alex decided to pull a prank on “Hipon Girl” or Herlene Budol on her most recent vlog upload.

Alex invited Herlene over their house in Rizal for a swim. But since their pool was not available at the moment, she decided to go and take Herlene on an expensive luxury store in Shangri-La Plaza.

The video was shot before the Enhanced Community Quarantine part-two in Manila, so prior to that, people can usually go and have access to public places such as parks and malls. Alex made sure that she put that disclaimer on her vlog so to avoid certain issues before uploading it to her channel.

Alex took her to the well-known luxury brand store Gucci and offered Herlene that she will buy her a gift. Alex intended to buy shoes and a bag for Herlene, but little did Hipon Girl know what’s up in store for her. Mommy Pinty also came with the girls who is also an accomplice to Alex’s prank.

Alex bought a pair of Gucci shoes for Herlene, and an expensive designer bag from the same brand. Because of so much gratefulness, Herlene started crying and was in a state of shock that she never actually thought of buying this expensive bag and shoes her whole life.

And here goes the prank time.

With a total of 120,000 pesos worth of shopping items, Alex then told her that she will pay half of the total amount, and it was not all for free. According to Alex and her other accomplice, JC, there was a problem with Mommy Pinty.

According to Alex, they have reached the limit for her credit card and Herlene has to pay for the excess. Herlene insisted that she really doesn’t have that much money, and then started crying. To add to that, they also told her that Mommy Pinty is now angry because of the “shopping spree”.

Herlene then began to call her mother to be able to gather as much money as she can, and told her about the dilemma she has at the moment.

In tears, Alex then revealed that it was all just a prank and immediately thanked Herlene for being one of her victims. Herlene was such a good sport though, and really proves that she has a kind-heart and a down-to-earth personality.

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