Isang Pamilya Iniligtas Mula Sa Kapahamakan Ng Asong Inampon Nila


“A dog is a man’s best friend.” The statement has been proven many times by many dog owners, as the loyalty of dogs to their human companions is incomparable. Dogs have been a favorite choice as a pet, as it could do many things apart from just being taught tricks. These loyal animals have been known to helped humans in every way, from guarding their houses, bringing joy to the family, and also for rescue missions by the police.

Recently, a story in social media went viral for an inspiring story about a dog named Dai Bao. Before he landed on the family that will shower him love, Dai Bao was a stray dog lingering on the streets for scraps. Sickly, and with his matted fur on, it was not a good sight to see for most. But a kind-hearted family decided to look after this stray dog while providing food for him to eat.

Photo credit: Yap Y.F.

Days and months went on and the local animal rights group approached the family of Yap Y.F. and saw them fit to foster the dog. It was a surprise for them, but also a pleasant experience for the family. With the help and donations provided by volunteers, they were able to legally adopt the dog, which they named Dai Bao.

Dai Bao truly had a difficult time with all the terrible sickness and lack of care while on the streets. But the family patiently took care of him, and he grew back all the strength and beauty of his breed, a Husky. Dai Bao brought so much joy to the family, and found his loving home.

Photo credit: Yap Y.F.

But recently, a sad news broke out that Dai Bao had passed away. Yap Y.F. shared it in social media, and the story of heroism done by this dog.

Apparently, a cobra broke into the house, and Dai Bao stepped in to fight and protect his family. Eventually, the dog won the combat, but was bitten by the venomous snake.

Photo credit: Yap Y.F.

They immediately rushed Dai Bao into the vet, but there was nothing that can be done anymore.

Dai Bao’s story was such an inspiration for many, and a proof that dogs are loyal animals to those who shower them with utmost love, care, and kindness. According to Yap, it would have caused great trouble if the snake was able to get into the house and hurt his family members if Dai Bao did not save them.Dai Bao, a dog once saved, has finally paid his debt.

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