Pokwang Sinagot ang Kanyang Basher "Kapangitan ko Ang Nagpaganda Sa Buhay ng Pamilya Ko"

 Social media is an online platform where everyone can freely express their feelings, thoughts, and opinions about anything and everything. For some, social media is a tool that they use to let the public know what they wanted to say, or share about their lives.

Celebrities in the showbiz industry often express their opinion in social media over things that concern their surroundings, be it in a controversial issue in their industry or even express their political views and opinion about a certain matter. But because our opinions and beliefs differ from one another, it is simply unavoidable that there will be clash with others who don’t share their ideals. Negative opinions and criticisms will always exist in social media platforms.

Just like Pokwang, a Filipina comedienne and actress made famous by the many roles she portrayed on TV shows, variety shows, and even movies. Pokwang has proven herself to be one of the most versatile actresses in the industry, and because of this, many look up to her not only for the funny jokes and antics she deliver on most of her shows, but also her capability to act on even one of the heaviest and most dramatic scenes given to her.

Pokwang is known to often share her opinions on her Twitter account. But instead of being specific on the matter, some netizens who don’t agree with her opinions often take it too personal against her.

Pokwang sinagot ang bashers na nilait ang kanyang itsura

Posted by Kapamilya Connect on Friday, April 9, 2021

The comedienne has received many criticisms and even insults from most bashers she encountered in social media. Often they would insult her appearance, and call her many names such as “ugly” or “chaka” just because they don’t agree with her.

Because of this, the actress-comedienne couldn’t help but express her dismay. “Nariyan ang tawagin kang pangit, chaka, etc.” she shared on a statement.

But looking on the positive side, Pokwang did not listen to the many insults on her physical appearance. For her, she considers it a blessing that she was “not so attractive” for others. According to her, her “ugliness” made her life beautiful and comfortable. If it wasn’t for her “ugly face”, she wouldn’t be who she is right now.

Pokwang Sinagot ang Kanyang Basher "Kapangitan ko Ang Nagpaganda Sa Buhay ng Pamilya Ko" Pokwang Sinagot ang Kanyang Basher "Kapangitan ko Ang Nagpaganda Sa Buhay ng Pamilya Ko" Reviewed by Boom on 4:11 AM Rating: 5

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