Polo Ravalez Sinurpresa Ang Mga Fans Sa Kanyang Ibinalita

 Filipino actor and celebrity Polo Ravales has an exciting news for his fans and followers in the showbiz industry.

Polo officially reveals the great news on an exclusive interview with him that he is going to be a father to his child with his fiancée Paulyn Quiza. On April 5, last Monday, Polo reveals the news to the public and was very excited for everyone to know that he is now going to be a father.

Paulyn Quiza, the actor’s fiancée, is a fitness coach and the two are really ecstatic to have this new chapter in their lives unravel before them.

On a post uploaded by Polo Ravales on his Instagram account, he shared the first photo of his baby, a sonogram image of their child with a caption, “Thank You Lord for this miracle and blessing.”

Paulyn on the other hand, posted a photo of herself with the baby bump on her belly on her Instagram stories.

“They’re asking if I have a baby bump. Here’s me and Baby P [at] 15 weeks,” Paulyn wrote on her captions. Polo also reveals on a previous interview with Kapamilya host Boy Abunda how he and Paulyn met each other.

“Nagkakilala kami December 26. December 25, Tito Boy, I wasn’t feeling happy parang may kulang. E parang nung mga panahon na yun sabi ko I’m single so I can date like whoever,” Polo stated on his interview.

Polo mentioned that there was somehow a missing piece in his life, before he met Paulyn.

“Umalis ako,” Polo added, “kasama ko yung friend ko na gay. Lumabas kami, gumimik kami tapos nagkukwentuhan kami. Sabi ko parang sawa na yata ako mag-date, sawa na ako to be single. Gusto ko meron na talaga kong diretsong path tapos December 26 dun ko siya nakilala.”

According to Polo, he fell in love at first sight with Paulyn. He also said that it was as if he knew Paulyn for a long time even though they just met each other. It was a huge unexpected moment but Polo said he was very happy with what happened.

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