Rabiya Mateo Gagawin ANg Lahat ng Makakaya para sa Miss Universe


The competition has begun for Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo and her journey to the crown just recently began in Los Angeles, California.

The Miss Universe Organization team exclusively interviewed the Miss Universe Philippines candidate to give an insight to the most prestigious beauty competition. The team also took the opportunity to take snapshots of the beautiful Rabiya Mateo.

Along with the country’s candidate, she was joined by Miss Colombia Laura Olascuaga and Miss El Salvador Vanessa Velasquez. The gorgeous ladies partake on a chance to share their experiences on the journey of winning the prestigious crown and title of the beauty pageant.

It was also known that the official skin care team of the Miss Universe pageant was Olivia Quido-Co, the O Skin Med Spa Filipina beauty guru for this 69th edition of the beauty pageant and competition.

Olivia also went live on Facebook before the official interview with the ladies. On her interview with Rabiya, the Pinay beauty queen stated that she is determined to do whatever it takes and to give her best in order to win the prestigious title of Miss Universe back home to her country and bring more glory and honor to the Philippines and to the Filipinos.

"Sa mga kababayan natin, ilalaban natin ito. Pangako ‘yan," Rabiya promised that she will compete with all heart, do her best, and win the title for her country.

Aside from that, Rabiya also mentioned that one of her dreams has finally came true after she was able to have the opportunity and the honor to represent the Philippines to the Miss Universe pageant.

“I am very happy and honored to be here. Finally, it’s actually my dream to represent the country and it’s really happening.

"I don’t wanna get emotional, but it’s a mixed of feelings. I am excited, of course, there’s a tinge of pressure added to it.

"But overall, I’m very happy in this journey."

“I’ve been here for four days already, but I will be honest, I haven’t adjusted yet to the jet lag. It’s really a struggle.

"I’ve been preparing and I really need to rest. I need to respect my body.

"And right now, unti-unti, I’m gonna have a couple of interviews in the coming days kaya I’m preparing," Rabiya said on the interview.

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