Vice Ganda Napaiyak nang Muling Nakita Ang Taong Ito

 On a recent episode of It’s Showtime, Vice Ganda had a heartfelt reunion with a someone that used to be part of the show’s segment “Tawag ng Tanghalan” and made him remember the time they first met way back in 2016.

Vice once again reunited with Cyrill Tumamak, a contestant that made the host cry for performing the song “Lay Me Down” for the talent competition five years ago. Vice shed some tears for the performance because Cyrill, who was 13 years old back then, dedicated the song to his late grandmother who just passed away that time. Because of the performance, Vice was reminded of his own grandmother who also happens to have departed already.

Cyrill came back to It’s Showtime with high hopes of auditioning for their new segment “Pinoy Boyband Superstar”. At first, Vice did not even recognize  but his co-host Kim Chiu excitedly said that she remembers the Cyrill from before and even reminded Vice of the remarkable performance he had 5 years ago that made Vice Ganda cry.

Vice recalled the first time he met Cyrill and remembered the song he sang back then “Lay Me Down” by the English singer Sam Smith.

Cyrill mentioned that he was thinking of his grandmother while singing the song which made Vice break into tears remembering his own grandma whom he loved very much as well.

Now in 2021, the 18-year-old boy returns to the show and greets Vice like an old friend. Vice said he did not recognize him very much at first because he has grown so much already. Vice asks why Cyrill wants to enter the showbiz industry, which he honestly responds by saying that he wants to perform in front of a big crowd of audience. He wants to be applauded by many people.

Vice offered a piece of advice for the young performer that there is nothing wrong with wanting to have fame and popularity. Although he also mentioned that a person’s purpose in life changes as you attain your goals one by one in the future.

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