Ivana Alawi Handang Ubusin Ang Pera Sa Ikakagaling Ni Mona

In a one-on-one interview by Ogie Diaz with Ivana Alawi, Ivana talked about the things she is ready to do for the betterment of her youngest sister Mona Alawi. 

Ivana Alawi is very thankful for her vlog because it opened more doors a series of blessings enter her life. Ivana's vlog on YouTube currently has more than 14 million subscribers. And it is increasing day by the day. Ivana revealed that the key to her successful vlogging is her sister Mona. Because of Mona's suggestions and her valuable opinions, people enjoyed their vlog even more. 

If you always watch Ivana’s vlogs, you’ll notice how family-oriented their family is. They love each other and you will see their genuine closeness. Ivana says her family is her inspiration. That's why Ogie Diaz's vlog which features a one on one interview with the famous Ivana. Several people gave their respect to the Filipina Youtuber.

Ogie Diaz asked Ivana about her sister Mona. The question is "Kung nabibili ng pera ang kalusugan ni mona, gagawin mo?" Ivana was quick to answer "uubusin ko ang lahat ng pera ko (I will spend all my money)".

That's how much Ivana loves her sister. She was willing to lose all her money just to get her sister treated. For Ivana, family is more important than any amount of money. And she wants to give the best for her family.


According to Ivana, Mona Alawi is a very strong person. She's like the sister. She’s so mature. Despite all the pain, she still makes a lot of people happy. Ivana also said that Mona's condition is now improving. Her laboratory results are close to normal. 

Ivana is happy with whatever she has now. Ogie Diaz asked her what was missing from her and Ivana replied "I don't look for what's missing, I'm happy with what I have".

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