Pag ako ikinasal, di ka Invited Liza -Said by Netizen

 Once again, Liza Soberano became the talk of the town after attending her friend's wedding. A netizen said, if you are getting married, never invite Liza Soberano to your wedding. What could be the reason why the netizen has said that? Let us read the full details.

Do you still remember Trina Legaspi AKA Hopia of Going Bulilit? She is 27 years old now. On November 20, 2021, she married her long-time boyfriend Ryan Jarina. Some of Hopia's friends in showbiz like Michelle Vito and the beautiful Liza Soberano were also invited to the wedding.


Hopia and Ryan Jarina had a happy and very unforgettable wedding. You can notice in some of their wedding videos the excitement and love of Trina Legaspi and Ryan Jarina for each other. Everything is perfect just like the new couple.

But one netizen couldn't help but react when he saw the wedding photos of Trina and Ryan.“Pag ako ikinasal, di ka invited Liza. Aagawan mo pa ako ng eksena. Napakaganda sobra!!” said by the netizen

What the netizen said is true. Liza is so beautiful that it can outshine the beauty of the bride. Instead of looking at the bride, the guests will probably look at  the angelicx face of Liza Soberano  all the times.

 On the other hand, Liza Soberano thanked her friend Trina “Hopia” Legaspi for the trust for taking Liza as her bridesmaid.

“Wedding yesterday was such a beautiful and unforgettable experience. Thank you for trusting me to be your bridesmaid. It was my honor. To more memories with you !!! Congratulations to Jarina’s ”post by Liza Soberano on her Instagram.


 Would you take Liza Soberano as a bridesmaid on your wedding day? Share your opinion.

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  1. oo naman it's definitely a privilege na makadalo sa isang kasal ang idol ko sa kagandahan na si liza soberano, hopefully on my wedding day you'll be there!

  2. Napaka espesyal na kasal yun for me kung isa sa mga bridesmaids ko c liza 😘love u idol 😘❤️