The Real Score Between Ivana Alawi and Joshua Garica

Recently, more and more speculations are spreading regarding the real score between Ivana Alawi and actor Joshua Garcia. How true is that there is a growing closeness between the two? If the rumors are true, what is the real score between them? In separate interviews both Ivana and Joshua Garcia answered these questions.

We cannot deny that there is chemistry between the two. Ivana Alawi was dubbed as the ultimate dream girl on social media. Because of her Youtube channel, which has more than 14 million subscribers, people love her even more. Fans and supporters got to know Ivana's personality better behind the scene. Her love for her family and her generosity to those who are in need is undeniable.


So is Joshua Garcia, countless women admire him. Both artists or non-showbiz personalities. Apart from being a handsome and good actor, the actor can also be considered one of the kindest in showbiz today.


In separate interviews, Ivana and Joshua Garcia revealed the true score between them. You can watch Ivana’s answer to Ogie Diaz’s interview here. 

Ogie Diaz asked if Joshua Garcia was the one Ivana dreamed of seeing in the future,  and Ivana said yes. Ogie also asked Ivana what she liked about Joshua and Ivana replied with “His face is cute, then kind, then family-oriented. Ivana also admitted that she and Joshua were talking on Instagram.

 In a separate interview with Joshua, the actor smiled when he was asked about Ivana. Watch his answer here.

Ivana Alawi did not deny that she have a crush on Joshua Garcia. And she was happy with what they had now. There is nothing wrong with that. They are both single anyway. Many fans will definitely be happy if the growing closeness between the two continues in the future. Will there be a love team Joshuana in the future? What do you think?

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