Top 10 Most Beautiful Faces of 2021 - 2022 According to TC Candler

 Every end of the year, one of the most anticipated events that may happen aside from the countdown we usually have to end the year and welcoming the new one is the top lists that is being published around the globe. With the internet this information is so accessible and different organizations would spearhead such activities. 

And for the 32nd Annual Independent Critics List of 2021 specifically the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2021 is uploaded on their YouTube Channel. TC Candler features global mega stars, new young celebrities who came from around the globe with over 2.5 million public nominations, 800 nominees, 100 faces and 1 winner, it will be a privilege to be nominated and lined up with these beautiful faces, while there are other celebrities who are already regarded being on the Hall of Fame for their beauty has been timeless and would continually be nominated for this list.

 This year's top 10 most beautiful faces according to TC Candler are as follows

And as part of the Filipino pride, knowing that our sisters are on the list brings an additional honor. So, who are on the list for the TC Candler’s 100 Most Beautiful Faces? Ranked 1 is BLACKPINK’s member, Lisa, with the KPop hype she would definitely make it to the top.

But let us go back to the Filipina celebrities/influencer who made it to the top 100. We have a new entry on rank 95 who is known on the TikTok platform Bella Poarch. We also have Janine Gutierrez on the 78th rank. 

The charming Liza Soberano who made it to Top 1 in 2017 and considered as one of the Hall of Fame, and her 7th time to be up on the list ranked 18th. And on her 2nd year, the YouTube influencer turned Kapamilya artist, Ivana Alawi is on the list, and this time, ranked 4th. Undoubtedly these ladies deserve their spot on the top 100, and I believe more of our beautiful kababayans can be nominated next year. If you missed last year's list of most beautiful faces video is definitely for you.

Who will you nominate next year? Let us know!

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