Kendra Kramer, Future Miss Universe Philippines ?

Indeed, time flies so fast, that in an instant, the formerly super cute Kendra Kramer is slowly emerging as one of the most beautiful faces on the internet.

Kendra Kramer's post on her Instagram account where she posted her selfie photos is now trending on social media. According to netizens, Kendra looks like a barbie doll in her photos.

 Kendra is the eldest daughter of basketball player Doug Kramer and actress/model Chesca Garcia. Along with her siblings Scarlet and Gavin they are better known as TEAM KRAMER.

Kendra became an instant social media celebrity because of her cuteness. Kendra is currently 12 years old and her beauty is even more apparent. Mommy Chesca is a proud mom to her beautiful daughter. Who wouldn't be?

 Kendra Kramer's ninang, Iya Villiana, also commented on Kendra's photos. They say true beauty appreciates true beauty.

Meanwhile,  Netizens had different opinions on Kendra's post. Others say that Kendra's beauty is like a princess. Some even said that Kendra can be a beauty queen someday. There is also a netizen who said that Kendra looks similar to  Miss Universe Catriona Gray.

What do you think? Will Kendra be the representative of the Philippines in the future Miss Universe? Kendra is smart and beautiful and has great potential to be the queen of beauty pageants in the future. But for now, let's just let the time decide and support the future plans of Kendra and her parents for her.

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