Liza Soberano Ready To Join Miss Universe ?

Watching Miss Universe every year has become part of the Filipino culture. That is why almost every year, our representatives are always in the top spots because   they value this prestigious competition that much. This is just  proof that when it comes to beauty, both inside and outside, the beauty of Filipinas is world class.

And when it comes to beauty, you can't remove Liza Soberano from the list of the most beautiful persona in this generation. And because of her beauty, many fans and supporters hopes that in the future they will see  Liza Soberano represent the Philippines in the Miss Universe.

But, what is Liza Soberano's answer on this issue? Is there a chance that we will see Liza Soberano become Miss Universe in the future? That is what we will  going to find out in this article. Please continue reading.

One of the things that so many fans look forward to is to see Liza Soberano join a beauty pageant like Bb Pilipinas and Miss Universe. Even the father of Liza Soberano also dreams of seeing his daughter become a beauty queen. 

In the previous list of TC Candler, only two Filipinos made it into the top 100 most beautiful faces in the year 2020 - 2021. Ivana Alawi in the top 11 and Liza Soberano in the top 14. So many are asking, why Liza Soberano not participating in BB Pilipinas if she is beautiful and smart. Even though she have a very  good chance of winning the said competition.

In Ogie Diaz's new vlog,where he featured thef BB Pilipinas 2021 events.Ogie Diaz also asked Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano about the never -ending issue of fans wanting Liza Soberano to join  beauty pageant. Watch the video here

Enrique Gil answered with "I think Hopie will win, there is no competition"

“I really appreciate all the support and the kind words. But I really dont think pageantry is for me. I don’t think I can commit to that kind of lifestyle. You have to be dedicated and passionate and it’s not something I can allot that much time to. ” Liza Soberano explained

Although we wanted to see Liza Soberano to try in joining BB Pilipinas in the future, we should respect her decision. Whether she will change her mind or not, we should still support her.

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