Meet the Popular Twins of 90's Detergent Commercial


A person can only be given that one opportunity to change their lives, and when it comes, you should definitely grab it. True to these words, the Hermoso twins grabbed the opportunity to be part of the main cast on the story line commercial for one of the most sought-after detergents in the Philippines – Surf.

Seeing twins on our TV Screens is something that is unique and can catch the attention of the viewers, what more if you have prepared a story for them to anticipate and see what could happen next, and to add that these kids were twins which looks so adorable and smart on TV seeing them singing and dancing every episode is really something to look forwards.

 Their commercials were in instalments, and their song and choreography has been part of every household during the late 90s to early 2000s. They did not only appear on commercials, since they have become hyped, they also had concerts and TV appearances from different TV Networks.

Charlotte and Charice Hermoso really have been in hiatus for quite a while now since their last appearance in the GMA’s series Impostora then on the Summer of 2018, they were included as one of the casts of the GMA Network series “Inday will Always Love You” starring Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio. Both are now studying in the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA in Las Piñas.


Recently, the netizens had their eye on the twins when some took notice of their Instagram posts seeing how they have bloomed on what they are now looking very vibrant and beautiful. And since then, people did not stop on keeping tabs on the twins, so they have started their own YouTube Channel with 7300 subscribers as of this writing. 

This is already a great number considering that the twins just uploaded only two videos since the creation of their channel, and subscribers are patiently waiting to hear from them. The twins are marked to be part of the Filipino Pop Culture and they will forever leave a mark in the memory of the 90s kids. >

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