Pokwang Treatment to Helpers Earned Praises From Netizens

At this point in time of economic crisis and pandemic, every household would always struggle to have food on their table, or to juggle multiple workloads just to make the ends meet. That the rich or the celebrities does not have any guarantee that they can live life luxuriously without working for it.

So how can we they now maintain a household at the same time working for their family ?

That is where the house helpers would come in. They may be working under your roof and supervision, but they are still human, and they deserve to be treated fair as well. There have been several news or stories about abuse of the house helpers, but of course some feel good news also about how they are treated fairly is also available on the internet. 


 Just like the recent video of the celebrity comedienne Pokwang. We all know that Pokwang is one of the local celebrities on Philippine television, and a mompreneur, and she is also a wife to her husband and a mother to their daughter. 

With this situation it would take great effort to maintain the house, take care of her child and at the same time focus on your career, and Pokwang is lucky enough to have responsible house helpers that she can get along easily.

On the video, we can see how smooth Pokwang’s relationship with her helpers is, they may joke around, and seem comfortable around each other, they may share laughter and talk casually while making sure they do tasks assigned to them.

From the video, Pokwang seem like she treats her housemaids like family, and she is not very strict in terms of uniform, and how they talk with each other, there seem to be no tension and they are carefree.

This is one indicator of a healthy relationship at home. For as long as the owner of the house were able to communicate the duties and responsibilities of the members, and the members have done it with their best, there will be no problem.

So, who do you think is lucky in this situation? Is it Pokwang? Or the helpers? Share us what you think!

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