RIta Gaviola Ready for Miss Universe ?

It has been over five years since we first saw the beauty of Rita Gaviola on the internet. What are the updates to her? How does she look now? Does the so-called Badjao Girl already have a boyfriend? That is what we will find out in this article.

We have witnessed the growth of Rita Gaviola's career. From the time she was discovered on the internet, up until now, more than five years had passed.


Rita's lifestyle has changed a lot, way different from the kind of life she grew up in. She has also built her own house and occasionally takes part-time modeling jobs.

Rita Gaviola's beauty is more apparent now. Many netizens say that Rita has the beauty to represent the Philippines in the future Miss Universe competition. She looks very Filipina. All she needs is to learn the correct way of answering a QnA portion and the result will be phenomenal.

It can be noticed on Rita Gaviola's Instagram account that she have a boyfriend. There is nothing wrong with that because Rita is at the right age.


Supporters of Rita wish that Rita should focus more on her career because her talent and beauty will give a lot of opportunities to her.

Who would have thought that the simple picture that went viral on the internet five years ago would be the beginning of a big change in Rita Gaviola's career?  Hopefully, Rita Gaviola will receive more blessings in her career.

Would it be possible, that the beautiful Pinay from Zamboanga, discovered in Lucban Quezon, will be the representative of the Philippines in the  Miss Universe in the future?  Will she be able to showcase how beautiful and how talented the Filipinos are to the world? Let's wait and let time decide.

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