Thalia at 50, The Immortal Beauty of Marimar Star

Before the Korean Dramas appeared in our TV screens and before we subscribed to Netflix and other websites, in the early 90s the Tagalized Mexican telenovela is being watched in every household in the Philippines.

Aside from the stimulating episodes of revenge, and how we witnessed the story of rags to riches, we are also charmed with the beauty of its main character, Maria or Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda Mottola.

Marimar is more known to be as Thalia who have joined the industry at an early age but had her debut when she reached her 20s wherein, she is not only an actress but a total performer, because she also sings and have launched several albums throughout her career. In fact when she starred in Maria Mercedes in 1992 she was awarded as Best  Actress. 


People loved her not only because of her beautiful face but this actress is a total package because she surely has the talent. And to realize that more than two decades had passed since her telenovela was in mainstream media.>/p>

Her other Mexican telenovelas aside from Marimar were also Tagalized and watched in every Filipino household like Maria Mercedes, Maria del Barrio, and Rosalinda. Not only that, but Thalia also remained to be an icon in the Filipino Popular Culture because some characters are still known to some, and her songs can still be hummed or sung by people who once heard and watched it. And to note that Thalia had visited the Philippines several times to give back on her fans who love her.

At 50, Thalia remained to be vibrant and beautiful. She is still active in the industry, and at one glance, she can be mistaken as a young lady. But with her social media posts, we can say that she has chosen happiness and a positive outlook in life that manifests in her physical wellbeing.

Indeed, we can all agree with Manilyn Monroe’s statement, that true beauty is timeless. Her experience might have been grand, but her face seems to be not keeping up, she still looks young and beautiful.

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