Lyca Gairanod Binigyan Ng Tulong Ang Matandang Nangangalakal ng Basura

They say, that no matter how far you have achieved, you should always look back to where you have started, because your past played a great part on what you have become at present. Just like the singer-vlogger Lyca Gairanod. 

She has been discovered through a viral video, with her singing. That this gave her a chance to be invited as a contestant in the show, The Voice PH , where she was fortunate to be declared the champion because of her singing talent and her inspiring story. 

Lyca’s journey to success has been no secret, that at an early age she experienced living in the streets, trying sort somebody else’s garbage to look for scraps that their family may sell to earn money and buy food. She also experienced asking for alms from strangers, which brought her to that viral video.

Years had passed, Lyca is still with the industry and has already invested for herself and her family. But what the netizens love about her aside from her singing voice is her good heart and she never forgets.

One of her vlogs featured an old woman whose name is Nanay Ising, whom Lyca would always see during those times that she was on the streets looking for scraps. She felt bad for the grandmother because she thought that she should not be on the streets given her current condition and age.

The kind-hearted Lyca requested her team to look for Nanay Ising, so she could buy her groceries and fruits, that may help Nanay Ising for a while so that she could take a break from walking such a distance to collect garbage that she can sell so that she will have money to buy her needs.

Lyca’s team was successful in locating Nanay’s house, and when she was presented with the goods, she got emotional and cried, her look of appreciation is something that is priceless. And Lyca tried to comfort her and convinced her to rest and take care of herself. Because Lyca shared that she would not allow her grandparents to do such thing, since they are already old and weak.

Lyca can do so much, but hoping that with that kind of gesture, it made Nanay Ising’s day happy.

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