24 Ways Enrique Gil Loves Liza Soberano

  It is always nice to have someone who is always there for you, someone you could be Alone Together,  someone who would say Everyday I Love you, someone who will love you Just The Way You Are. And Enrique Gil is Liza Soberano’s special someone. Cheesy right? Well brace yourself because its about to get cheesier.

On the 24th birthday of Liza Soberano, a Twitter user @superlizquen, who is also an avid fan of the popular loveteam Lizquen, posted a list of 24 ways Enrique Gil showed his genuine love to Liza Soberano. The post has gone viral to the Twitter world that even Liza Soberano noticed and appreciated the post. We wanted to share it with you guys. So here is the list made by @superlizquen.

 Because 24 happens to be his favorite number, let’s count some of the ways Enrique Gil love our birthday girl Liza Soberano, because after everything she’s been through, she deserves a love that’s steadfast, fearless, and true.

1.Enrique Gil Flew to the United States to take good care of Liza Soberano when she undergoe a surgery in 2019. Enrique stayed there for more than 2 months, became Liza Soberano's private nurse and even her personal hairdresser

 2.Enrique Gil organized a surprise birthday gift to Liza Soberano on her 18th birthday 3.On Star Magic's Halloween Party 2019, Enrique Gil cosplayed as White Chicks with Liza Soberano because it was what she wanted 4.Despite the fact of being the King of the Gil, Enrique is a proud boyfriend in public and in the presence  of their colleagues. Showing the world who is his queen.5.Enrique Gil hand carried his pasalubong to Liza Soberano for 3 flights so that the gift wont crumpled.


6. Enrique Gil works out with Liza Soberano to fuel his girlfriend's motivation and inspiration towards fitness. 7.Enrique is very vocal and proud to be Liza Soberano's boyfriend. Who wouldn't be? 8.From day 1 up until now, Enrique Gil believed and keep on believing on Liza Soberano's  full potential. 9.Enrique Gil is Liza Soberano's number 1 wardrobe assistant.10.Enrique loves the Family of Liza like his own kapamilya.


11.Enrique Gil supports Liza on her all endeavors. 12.Enrique Gil had already planned his future with Liza Soberano on it. 13.He is such a sweet guy and always makes Liza Soberano happy in his epic social media post.14.Enrique is not afraid to show the world how lucky he is having Liza Soberano15.No need to hire a professional  PR, Enrique Gil is the best PR of Liza Soberano


16.Liza Soberano is Enrique Gil's game changer. 17.Just to make Liza Soberano happy, Enrique Gil will accompany Liza to any concert even if he doesn't know the artist. 18.Enrique Gil will always ensures Liza Soberano's safety. 19.Enrique Gil is a willing photographer of his girlfriend. 20.Enrique Gil took Liza Soberano's family to Disneyland to celebrate Liza Soberano's 20th birthday.


21.Enrique Gil's priority is to protect Liza Soberano's feelings at all cost 22.Enrique promised that Liza will not be alone anymore. He kept his word. Even it is holidays, Enrique opted to flew to the Us with Liza Soberano  to accompany her in visiting her ailing great grandma 23.Liza Soberano is Enrique Gil's life 24. And Enrique Gil is Liza Soberano's home.

Happy Happy 24th Birthday Liza Soberano. As your fan, we wish that you will more abundant career and prosperity this year.

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