Charlene and Aga Muhlach’s Daughter Caught Netizen’s Eyes


If you have a father who was a matinee idol and is active in show business and a mother who was a former beauty queen – such a perfect match, it is very much expected that their fans would have their eyes on the couple’s offspring.

And for Charlene and Aga, their daughter Atasha is no exception. A lot of netizens are keeping an eye on Aga Muhlach’s little angels, and recently, Atasha caught the attention of her followers when she posted her New Year Photo entry, wearing a floral corset-like tube which showed her well-defined curves.

The 21-year-old Atasha is confident with her body wearing that tight-fitting dress and showing some skin, who wouldn’t be, with that beautiful face of hers, thanks to her parents’ genes, that we might be chanting “SANA ALL”.

Moreover, the second post she had wearing that dress with that slow-mo video, that was truly mesmerizing.

Considering her age. we can tell that she can build strong relationships with her parents, seeing them commenting on her Instagram post. Her father, Aga, commented, “(Fire emoji) Naman! Haha, happy new year! See you soon! Love you very much.” On the other hand, her mother, Charlene, commented, “My love…Miss you. See you soon,” with heart emoji.

Her mother surely misses her, because she is currently staying in the United Kingdom at a university in Nottingham where she is taking her college degree in Business. According to one of her interviews for Metro magazine, she loves the idea of a challenge, so living overseas will be very much in tune with Atasha’s viewpoint.

This seems to be a challenging period for the Muhlach family, since, for the longest time of living together though busy with their career, this is the time that the twins live separated from their parents, with Atasha in the UK and Andres in Spain. 

Take note there is a threat of the pandemic, and safety is no guarantee but what is admirable with Aga and Charlene is that they trust their children, and this also becomes an opportunity for the twins to mature and live independently.

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