Hipon Girl Ibinahagi Ang Rason Kung Bakit Ayaw Na Niyang Magpautang

Every end of the year, aside from getting ready for the next year to come, some of the beliefs that we have heard of would be, you should already have paid all your debts so that you can start you year and the whole year-round debt-free. And from some, they would be busy making their own new year’s resolution.

But for Willie Revillame’s co-host, Herlene Budol or popularly known as Hipon Girl, she has her own entry for the new year. And that is not to loan people money, and that is her new year’s resolution.

On her Instagram account, she captioned, “Isa sa mga natutunan ko, ayoko na magpautang nakakahiyang maningil parang ending ikaw pa mali” She mentioned that one of the things she learned is whenever she will ask for payment from the person who borrowed from her, because it turns out she becomes the bad person.

We can all agree that a lot of people has been affected by the pandemic that this increased the unemployment rate which resulted to jobless individuals, wherein some took the risk on online selling, but it can never guarantee a stable income. While when some of the families were hospitalized, this will also need money to pay the hospital bills and medicine. And this will result to people borrowing money from friends or relatives.

There is nothing wrong with helping people who are in need, what is sad is some borrowers would not take the time to inform when they will pay or have the initiative of paying, or whenever asked, they would make it look like they are being pressured by the circumstance.

There would be instances where one would really have no means to pay, which is understandable if they only know how to express their situation but there are people who are taking advantage of the person’s kindness which seemed to forget the money they borrowed. And from Hipon Girl’s statement it seems like she was speaking from experience. Do you also have the same experience? Share with us, we will listen.

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