I Am Not Marites : Brenda Mage Humingi ng Sorry

On the latest launch of Pinoy Big Brother edition last October, which aims to show the Filipino true colors from different walks of life and from different environments. The housemates are indeed diverse, that there would always be that one person who would surface having issues and would make the headline.
That housemate is the former contestant of the “Miss Q and A”, Brenda Mage. For several occasions, he was observed to be a person who talks bad about the housemates behind their back. 

Which made Kuya/Big Brother call out this attitude, that Kuya mentioned that if you consider your housemates as part of your family, you should not talk ill about the person, instead confront that person if there has been any problem. 

Another instance was due to the conversation he had with a co housemate Eian, talking about what the latter would do if out of being in the influence of alcohol he would be carried away and hold his private parts, this made Eian very uncomfortable.

With these issues a lot of the netizens expressed their disappointment towards Brenda, and one of his friends Juliana expressed her concern via social media telling Brenda to go out of the house already, because whatever he is doing inside damages what image he has started in the industry.

 And before the end of the year, Brenda Mage finally left the house, and he faced several issues from the netizens and the people around him, and he posted an apology in his social media account, it says, “Lahat ng salita at aksyon ko ay sumasalamin sa aking pagmumukha at pagkatao.. Kaya kung may nasaktan man ako sa mga nagawa ko i am Sorry… eto talaga ako eh… I am not MARITES but this is BRENDA MAGE … Lablablab Godbless!,"

(All of my words and my actions reflects my face and personality. If there are people that I hurt on what I have done I am sorry.. this is the real me. I am not MARITES but this is BRENDA MAGE … Lablablab Godbless!)

What do you think of his apology? Do you think he can go back to the industry and clear his name?

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