Jopay Kamusta Ka Na

If you are a 90s gen who grew up in the Philippines, you may have heard their song and danced on their choreography during Christmas Parties or School Programs. The SB dancers were just a hit, they were famous for several dance choreography that anyone would really be encouraged to dance, and just recently you can hear their song on Tiktok being one of the dance challenges.

But let took a step back on our memory lane and let us feature one of the known dancers of this all-girl group. She was known as Jopay, with her long straight black hair, her thick legs, and of course good dancing. That this name has been a label to some girls before, that when they have thick legs, they will also be called Jopay.

Jopay was one of the oldest members of the group and has been loved by Kapuso fans. She was married to Joshua Zamora who is also a dancer on the same network. They had the time of their lives during their prime, recording albums and concert tours, the crowd was screaming with energy dancing to their songs. We might not have heard from their group nor seen Jopay on our TV screens; we were able to see some updates about her through social media networking applications.

Jopay is living a happy and simple life with their family of three. She and Joshua were blessed with a cute baby girl which they named, Isabelle Alessa. And just recently the two just celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary can be seen in Joshua’s Instagram account, with their photo holding a cake. Such a classic!

She might have bid farewell in the industry, but she was able to make sure that she has left a mark on every Filipino household, their group. As she now ventures on her new journey as a devoted wife and a full-time mother, certainly, there is nothing to regret there.

You may check their Instagram accounts to see how happy their relationship is as a family. I tell you, it will paint a smile on your lips.

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