Kilalanin Ang Dalagang Anak nina Ricky Davao at Jackie Lou na Si Arabella


Because of social media, the netizens were able to follow closely the celebrities that they admire, wherein some artists would find it comfortable that their lives now become an open book. That one realization is that, aside from being a fan because of a role or character that they have played, these celebrities have also been loved, appreciated, and admired by their followers based on how they have projected themselves in their social media accounts.

More than the vlogs and the content, we can see another angle of their life and personality. Just like the celebrity couple Ricky Davao and Jackie Lou Blanco. They may have been seasoned artists of the showbiz industry but before the invention of the social media app, we know little about them and their career path.

But right now, we can now know more about them, just like how they have expressed their happiness and pride as parents on the college graduation of their youngest daughter, Arabella Davao. Truth be told, all parents wish for their "anak" is to see them finish their studies, and land a stable job that they will enjoy.


And that is very evident in Jackie Lou Blanco and Ricky Davao’s post. Arabella finished her bachelor’s degree from Ateneo de Manila University, and her mother posted a photo with them with Arabella wearing her graduation gown (toga) and her mother beside her. 

 As a mother, she expressed how she would always be available to support whatever Ara wants in life, and she will never get tired to be her number one supporter be it on her success, happiness, or even her failures or her sadness.

Ara’s father on the other hand expressed his sweet message by saying how proud he is for her daughter’s achievement, and he would always be proud of whatever she will achieve in the future. And he ended his message with an “I love you”.

She is indeed a lucky daughter having these parents who openly show their support to her. The same with how their parents have extended their love and support to her two older siblings, Kenneth and Rikki Mae.

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