Kilalanin Ang Magandang Kapatid ni AJ Raval na si Janina

 If you got the looks and you are discovered, you will surely have a slot in the showbiz industry. For as long as you know which role you can play best. Should it be a comedy? Romance? Action? Horror? Thriller? Name it. You will have a place to go.

Moreover, with the good looks come with the charm, and for sure there would be love teams that may be created for every film or series that you will make. What a match. But we cannot expect a happy ending for this, but this is good to establish your image in the industry and to gain more supporters.

But let us focus this time on one of the seasoned actors of our local showbiz industry, Jeric Raval. Recently his daughters are being noticed by netizens, and some of his stories were being unearthed. In one of his interviews, he mentioned that he has 8 "anak". Before he joined showbiz, he already has 5 "anak", and afterward, he had a family with the former actress Monica Herrera wherein they were blessed with three "anak"

One of those is Janina,  she has shown interest to become like her parents, it was no doubt that she is her parents’ daughter because of her beauty and charm. Aside from her good looks, she is also a performer, she knows how to play musical instruments, at the same time she knows how to sing just like her mother, Monica Herrera.

 As a matter of fact, Janina Raval is already one of the certified contract stars of the Viva Artists Agency. This move is already a stepping stone for Janina to shine and show what she can do. No doubt with the good genes she acquired from her parents plus her own talent, she will definitely have a place in this industry.

What is nice about this dream of her is that her parents were full support, and her father is also proud by openly sharing the dreams of his daughter. What do you think?

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