Kilalanin Si Angela, Ang Napaka Gandang Kapatid ni Niño Muhlach

 Niño Muhlach has been one of the known actors in Philippine showbiz, at the same time the Muhlach family is also well known in the industry. Their family is well-loved not only because they are a family of good looks but also because of their genuine talent for acting.

As much as the family is involved in the industry as actors and actresses, there is still someone from the family who walked on a different career path, and that is Angela Muhlach. It is already given that once a Muhlach, there is already an expectation that she is a beautiful lady, and of course, she did not fail.

What is admirable about Angela is that she is not only a pretty face, but we might also not see her compete with her relatives in the spotlight, she does know where she can shine. Angela finished her bachelor’s degree from De La Salle University, where she took a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineer. In a stereotypical society where we find engineers as male, Angela dared to be different.

With this choice of career, her family has been vocal about how proud they are of Angela and also, she is the first engineer in the family, which Angela felt honored and proud as well. This career choice is rally she has dreamed of. But aside from this career of hers, she still knows how to balance her career path.
As you visit her social media account, specifically her Instagram, we can tell that she is an outdoor person and loves to travel around. Not only locally but also around the globe. She has been to the continent of Europe, visiting neighboring countries like London, Paris, Spain, Holland, Rome, and Netherlands.

Aside from traveling, she has also tried extreme activities like skydiving, which is why she went to Ocean City Skydiving Center in the United States to try this. At present, Angela is in a relationship with the General Manager of the Prime Global Finance Corporation, Mr. Alfonso Hortaleza.

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