Meet The Catriona Gray Look Alike on Tiktok


As they say, the province of Bicol is where the magayon or beautiful people can be found. True to these words and one concrete example is our Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray! It has been a pride of the country to have a representative competing with other nationalities who were acknowledged for her beauty.

And with this beauty, a lot of girls aspired to be like her and to join the pageant in the future, while the others used the Tiktok platform to gain leverage and start making influences online. Just like this 18-year-old from Pili, Camarines Sur.

As of this writing, she already gained almost 10k followers on Tiktok, where she uploads different trends and dance challenges on this platform. And with these, people took notice, that she shares a great resemblance with Miss Universe Catriona Gray.

This Tiktok influencer is named, Bridgette Taduran Macauyam. The most notable similarity is the shape of their face and whenever she fixes her hair in an updo. Their smile and eyes also share a great similarity. 

On Bridgette’s latest video, when she danced on the remix of Adele’s “Easy on Me”, this has caught so much attention that it already has 4.6Million views, and most of the comments were about how they 

mistake her to be Miss Catriona Gray. Some suggest that we may have another shot for the Miss Universe if Bridgette will be trained for the pageant since she already has the face. What do you think? 

Looking at her Instagram account, Bridgette also has an interest in drawing and sketching, you can see there her sketch of Kathryn Bernardo and Bella Poarch. She is indeed a talented lady, and aside from being a dancer, she can also draw.

Interesting right? You may visit her Tiktok account to know more about her and see her uploaded content. Share it with us if you discovered something new!

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