Ogie Diaz Answers to the Issue, Buntis Ba Si Liza Soberano ?


From the recent TC Candler’s Top 100 Most Beautiful Faces, the Kapamilya star Liza Soberano is still on the list on her 7th time, it can be remembered that Liza was earned the Top 1 last 2017 which makes her qualify as a hall famer. 

But aside of this good news of celebrating her beauty, competing with other beautiful faces around the globe, there are still issues being thrown at her. Just recently, there has been speculations that Liza Soberano is pregnant with Enrique Gil as the dad. How true is this news?


On a recent photo of the LizQuen couple, the netizens observed that the tummy of Liza is unusually big, and it seem like she can no longer hide her pregnancy because of her growing belly. 


On another note, Liza and Enrique went to US with Liza’s brother, Justine, in tow to visit their grandmother to celebrate Christmas. Even this US visit has another angle of story to prove that Liza is pregnant. That the two flew overseas to hide her pregnancy. Maybe the netizens are too immune with the news of celebrities flying overseas and next thing we know, the celebrity have already given birth, and Liza’s move is no exemption.

 Finally, on his YouTube Channel Ogie Diaz Showbiz Update, hosted by Ogie Diaz, Mama Loi and Dyosa Pockoh were they give the latest celebrity update and clarification to latest showbiz gossip. Liza Soberano’s Manager, Ogie Diaz finally ended all the speculations. 

So, the truth of the matter is, yes, Liza is in US with her family and boyfriend, Enrique Gil, to visit her grandmother to celebrate Christmas. and Liza is not pregnant. Sorry to disappoint some netizens for the misleading speculations. 

It’s just that, Liza is wearing winter clothes that is very bulky, and the way she posed on camera seem like she has a bigger stomach plus her bulky clothes. But we can not blame the netizens for anticipating Liza’s pregnancy, since the LizQuen relationship is going stronger.


What do you think? Are you looking forward for their babies too? Or is it about time for them to start their little family?

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