Para Kay Ellen Adarna Ang Pinaka Gwapo Sa Showbiz Ngayon Ay Si

One of the consequences of being a celebrity is that your private story will be out in public, and you will no longer enjoy a privacy. And for some artists, this is not a problem, wherein one of the habits of a person right now is to browse through social media applications and post things about the updates of their daily life.

Just like with the actress Ellen Adarna, her get-up-and-go has been no secret since she joined the showbiz world. She was lauded and admired by a lot of people aside from her local kababayans who loved her. From her whirlwind relationship with John Lloyd Cruz, until with the news of her having Elias as her son. Then when she had a relationship with actor, Derek Ramsay, and showed to the online world her budding relationship with her boyfriend and Elias, as they look like a happy family followed by their marriage.<

So much had happened right? And that is how Ellen Adarna’s life has been an open book, no pretensions, no inhibitions, just her genuine self.
She usually has a Question and Answer segment in her Instagram account, wherein she answers questions honestly, though there would be times that she will talk in Bisaya, yet questions are still coming.

And this particular answer to one question caught the netizen’s attention, someone asked her who she thinks is handsome in showbiz. I bet we all have one person in mind, which is of course her husband, Derek Ramsay. But the netizens did not expect the answer they heard from her. She mentioned the actor, Patrick Garcia.

Patrick Garcia is still involved in the showbiz industry where people have witnessed him grow from a child actor to what he is right now. According to Ellen, when she got the chance to work with Patrick, and they were husband and wife in that show, she can’t help but get distracted whenever she needs to look Patrick in the eyes.

She mentioned that it gets her out of focus and consciousness. Truth be told, a lot of netizens also agreed. That Patrick can be mesmerizing to look at. How about you? Do you agree?

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  1. Agreed,he is so handsome and very good actor among his peers.