PBB Winner Namusukan Bilang Sales Lady Sa Ibang Bansa


Today's global situation affected many people. Not only in health but also a lot of peoples livelihood, and it spares no one. And to add fuel to the fire, many people lost their jobs.

The situation does not exclude artists and celebrities. All are affected.  This would mean that there would be fewer or no projects at all. That is why during these days majority of the artists made their own YouTube channel and do contents that would earn views from fans and followers.

And knowing that the majority of people owned a mobile phone today, and have access to the internet, these vlogs became the side hustle of some celebrities. Unfortunately, not everyone entered the vlogging industry, just like the 2015 Pinoy Big Brother 737 Big Winner Miho Nishida.

It can be remembered that Miho was a single mother, and she provides both to her only daughter and her mother, that is why with the ABS-CBN’s closure she should act immediately.  She decided to return to Japan and get back to work as a saleslady so that she can provide for her daughter and her mother.

We might be wondering why after this opportunity of being in the show business and having been linked with her co-housemate Tommy Esguerra, she remained to be single. It is because the two talked about this relationship, and decided that they will prioritize their career first, and Miho also wants to give more focus and attention to her growing daughter.

According to Miho’s manager, her work in Japan was only temporary because there is a project for her, and they are just waiting for the go signal. And with admiration, her manager also mentioned, that one good attitude of Miho is that, she always says yes to a work opportunity, and does not settle to stay inside her condominium unit.  What do you think? Do you miss seeing her on your TV screen?

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