The Reason Why Gloria Romero is One of the Most Beautiful Faces in PH Showbiz

They say that age is just a number, but it would take great effort to look young-looking despite the added age, and one thing we do not have any control of is time, which comes with aging. But with technology, some would be willing so much to still look young despite the years added.

They might undergo plastic surgery, face lifting, take medicines or supplements, and a lot more there is. But there are still other people whom despite of the passing of years, the time has been gentle with them that they still look beautiful, despite of wrinkled skin. 

And one of the best examples we have identified is the Filipina artist, Gloria Romero. She was born in America with an American mother and a Filipino father, she might have born in America, but she grew up, raised and studied in the Philippines. 

She just celebrated her 88th birthday last December 13. If we would try to look back with the photos that we have gathered, we can say that no matter her age was, she still looks more and more beautiful, her parents’ genes are truly a perfect match to have such a wonderful daughter.


 Gloria Romero has been with the industry for almost 6 decades, that is almost 60 years, and we can say that she is one of the seasoned local artists of the Philippine television. Looking back, she already played different roles from a teenager to a parent, to a grandmother, that’s all seasons of life to think, which earned her several awards, and one of these is the “Queen of All Movies”. And she has already worked with several celebrities be it seasoned or newly discovered talents.

She is such an admirable being, because her age does not stop her continuing her acting career on the Kapuso Network. This only shows us that if one is passionate with her work, nothing will stop her. Since acting has been her life, she has lived with it well. What do you think of her photos? Can you name one like her? Let us know!

The Reason Why Gloria Romero is One of the Most Beautiful Faces in PH Showbiz The Reason Why Gloria Romero is One of the Most Beautiful Faces in PH Showbiz Reviewed by Boom on 12:03 AM Rating: 5

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